Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jenny Jones' computer was stolen, but it's looking unlikely that the Facebook hive mind will solve the crime

Jenny Jones just posted up this sad story on the Facebook, and so far 222 have indicated that they 'like' the post. But these people are not alone in wanting to getting involved, but having nothing to contribute, here's a look at some of the comments on that post...

 The bulk of the responses come from the masters of hindsight

Said the Daily Mail reader, but I'm not 100% sure that the theft of her computer was the collective response of the entire British nation.

After explaining how crime works, this guy's good luck wishes tacked on the end seem just a little perfunctory

Apparently Jesus might be the culprit?

This very simple concept confused Mr Crossley so much it took five exclamation marks to convey his bewilderment.

Yes, a time machines would really help in these circumstances

Here's the first clue, it must be one of Chris Nash's Facebook friends, otherwise this forlorn cry in the social media dark would be entirely pointless.

That's Billericay covered then, who's got the rest of the country?

So close. I was in Holborn, so unfortunately I was also not in the right area to solve this crime.

Is tots bad drills

Oh fuck off you chancy marketing cunt.

This was the last comment when I checked...

So I'm not holding out much hope in this Facebook response solving the crime, but if you have any useful input or if you just want to give her some sound advice in hindsight, here's the post where you can join in.