Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What happens after you win the Olympics? For Vic Wild & Alena Zavarzina the answer has been a plethora of strange photoshoots

Vic Wild is to Russians, what a Russian bride is to Americans. He was the American lad who switched nationalities to Russia after he married fellow snowboarder Alena Zavarzina. He went on to win double gold in the parallel grand slalom and the parallel slalom at Sochi and Alena won bronze in the parallel giant slalom. Now they are Russia's golden couple and since the Olympics they've starred in a multitude of awesome photo opportunities. Here's what's been going on...

One of the first things Vic did was head to Maxim and get dressed up like a homoerotic Russian submariner dishing up a buttery bread roll on a snowboard.

Then the couple stuck with the Russian stereotype theme as they posed for an epic series of strange ads for their watch sponsors...

Tiny lady and her triangular banjo.

A sexy, sexy triangular banjo.

Caressing Lenin's head

Drunk, with giant banjo crutch

Drunk and about to be sacked from her lollipop lady job.

Funny thing after all that is she's got no idea how to play it.

Dog pissing on a tree pose

Pointing at pictures of wife

Praying to cup of tea

Snowboarding down set of stairs

Marrying snowboard

Going potty

They got to meet the local mad man...

Then they they got the full Photoshop treatment from Hello Magazine

Floppy head

Massive flower arrangement overwhelms table legs.

The lazy mermaid shot

In the middle of having a fight in the car

Draped on an Audi

Which segues nicely to what they've really spent most of their time doing since the Olympics... draping themselves on Audis.

Red one

Blue one

White one

Another red one

Another white one

And an orange one they can't afford

Suspecting they weren't just Audi groupies, I figured they might have some sort of sponsorship deal with Audi. Turns out they do, so of course the next thing was yet another strange photoshoot for Audi, which involved no Audis.

No Audis, but a lot of strange.

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