Thursday, February 12, 2015

Introducing Alto's Adventure - Just your standard snowboarder rounding up llamas game.

For the last two years a couple of snowboarders from Toronto have been cobbling together this game. I managed to blag a test version...

I first saw some of the artwork about a year ago which caught my attention and I've been keeping an eye on the development since then. Feast your eyes on some of these screenshots as the world cycles through night and day and different weather conditions.

Glad they decided not to go for a Go-Pro selfie aesthetic. 

Here's what the developers have to say about their handiwork:

"As snowboarders ourselves, we weren’t satisfied with any of the snowboarding games in the App Store. Most of them are cartoony, have bad controls, or are trying too much to be like console games.

We wanted to capture the essence of snowboarding. That feeling of a great flow. Something fluid, fun, and natural feeling. That feeling you get when it’s just you against the mountain, alone in nature.

We also wanted to build something that we ourselves wanted to play. Something fun for for people who snowboard. We spent a lot of time carefully crafting all of the terrain elements, so they worked in harmony with each other. We didn’t want to just stick your typical looking jump here and there and call it a day – we wanted to build terrain that’s fun to ride."

I'm not convinced it replicates the feel of snowboarding, but it's a really good game and I'd recommend it.

Here's the trailer...

Now they've finished it off and the game will be released on the Apple App store tomorrow. Here's their website

Enough of this, I've got llamas to round up.

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