Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Calling Red Bullshit on this new rail slide record

Red Bull have just posted what they are claiming to be a world record rail slide, but they're kinda lying and it's really just PR bullshit...

They start out by bigging up the new record attempt while cattily having a swipe at the old (current) record.

"A couple of months ago, we reported on the Nitro crew’s latest project: to not only break a 2011 world record for the longest rail slide on a snowboard (78.70m), but to do it on a significantly more difficult and legitimate rail setup."

As if the legitimacy of a record like this is anything anybody actually gives a shit about, and by doing it on a slightly different type of rail makes this silly record any less silly.

Here's the video of the most recent attempt:

Now here's where the lad touches down on the rail...

I make that a 76m long rail slide, not the full 84m and that's a fair bit short of the 78.70m record. Using that method to calculate distance, I just need to find an 85m long rail and hop onto the end and I'll be the new record holder.

Here's the original (and still current) record...

There's 15,753km of rail tracks in the UK, and they're all linked together at some point. I'm heading out now to find a level crossing to ride across and absolutely destroy this new bullshit record.