Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Introducing: The Blag

Illicit Snowboarding has been rolling on for a fair few years now, occasionally churning out the occasional long-winded article on the world of snowboarding. While we've been compiling these articles we keep running into weird but interesting stuff that didn't fit the format and didn't make it onto the site. Instead of just hoarding this crap and amusing ourselves, we thought you might want to see it too, so we've created the
blag. Some of the stuff we'll throw up in this mini blog will be inspirational, some of it will be mildly amusing, but most of it will just be filled with the weirdest things we come across in the world of snowboarding...

If this fails and nobody reads it, we'll probably just start posting the same videos that everyone else does, build up our site traffic, start spamming you with advertising and sell out to an energy drink company. Until then, enjoy.