Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top TENuous 12 - Featuring Some Awesome Jibbery Flippery

Also this week: The world's most annoying twats are back, another amazingly awkward snowboarder photo shoot and a cat video...

10. GoPro Muppet of The Week

9. Winter Super Olympics

Graphic artist Francesco Francavilla whipped these up during the Olympics

Only shame is that the snowboarder is grabbing a ropey tailfish

8. Classic British vintage newsreel of the week

The Olympic commentary was brilliant, but it would have been even better if the guys spoke like this. I couldn't embed the video, so click the image to take a look...

7. Obligatory cat video of the week

6. Photo trend of the week - Aerial photos of skiing hordes

A photo of what is either a bunch of cross country skiers from above, or a horrible sweater by Nicola Pitaro

Or no people, and the tracks of the most determined snowboarder ever by Klaus Leidorf 

5. Jibbery Flippery Gifs of The Week

4. Skateboard trick of the week

3. Someone needs to make one of these

2. The world's most irritating group of twats are back with another snowsport they've invented and this time they're promoting a sugary drink.

Last time out they were Zorb bowling

1. Olympic slalom snowboarder taking their kit-off for demeaning photo shoot...of the week

Ina Meschik who came in 4th in the parallel slalom

"Let's start things of with some standard shots."

"You're going to Sochi? Where's that? Russia? Grab the stereotype hat."

"What's the most suggestive pose it's possible to make with a snowboard?"

"OK, now if you could pop on Shaun White's leggings we need to get some classically misogynistic girl -riding-a-snowboard-in-megaheels shots."

"Finally I've got to get a picture of you in your thermals, a shinguard, no shoes, goggles round your neck, hair in the air with enormous extensions, the campest face you can pull...on a hovering snowboard." 

"What do you mean it sounds silly?" 

"Just wait until you see the final photos, then my artistic genius will all make perfect sense."

"Well, I can't think of any way we could demean you and further Ina. That's a wrap."

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