Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crap Snowboarding Bumper Stickers of The Week - Baby on Board

Moments after the first person invented the pointless baby on board sticker, someone else invented the mirth-free baby on board parody sticker. Just a few moments after that, some other japester put this trend and snowboarding together to invent a new version - the entirely literal baby on board parody. Now there's a veritable smorgasbord of options for anyone who is determined to inform all of the motoring world that they're a dick. Let's take a look at the options...

Let's get this out the way right at the start; if you really have to have a crappy baby on board bumper sticker, this is as good as it gets. Granted it would have been improved if they'd bothered to level up the text, but I guess they assumed, correctly, that anyone that would buy one of these has no issues with inconsequential things like design, or taste. 

Mekon baby on board. Look at the size of that noggin.

Devil baby levitating above levitating board

Floating devil baby in situ on the car of a dick

Despite this being the simplest parody concept ever invented, somehow the majority of people have managed to fuck it up...

Snowboarder baby on board, not on a board, next to giant hot dog sausage. 

Unnecessary 'snow', unnecessary nakedness, unnecessary exclamation mark, can't draw faces.

Someone's riding babies? Is this a sign for child abusers? Seriously wrong.
Seriously wrong, in two different languages.

Seriously wrong, in two different languages.

Nobody needed this tired trend to be hammered together with a tired Austin Powers reference.

Speaking of tired trends...

Here's the arsehole that not only messed up the baby on board parody, but who then combined it with the most insidious meme of all; the evolution sequence.

After the bumper sticker industry, the next bunch of people to jump on this bandwagon was the studio photography business. They took the literal baby on board parody one step further by having an actual baby on an actual board, creating a whole genre of photos of comatose babies on snowboards...

Enough of that, this post is starting to look like my Facebook feed.

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