Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Top TENuous 13 - The Greatest Snow on Earth

Featuring the best monoski invention you'll see this week...

10. Blam!

9. The Greatest Snow on Earth
That last guy would have made it if he had a chest-full of medals and followed the arrows

'Frightful Falcon Flights on Skimming Skees' 
via Vintage Ski from 1907

8. Crap snowboard game of the week: Superman Snowboarding
Click on the pic go to the game and prepare to be amazed as Superman hucks a succession of disappointing straight airs.

7. Very pretty slow motion flat ground tricks

6. Pistie Beasties Night Ballet

5. Arty Postcards by Grilli Type

4. Classic Snurfing video of the week
Back in the days where being able to straight-line a baby slope without falling off, made the crowd go wild.

3. Things have moved on a bit

All this guys got was a couple of disinterested bystanders

2. Crap Invention of The Week: The monoski binding tower

I can't embed it, but there's a video of it in action here.

Finally in what seems to be becoming a standard Top TENuous feature...

1. Scantily dressed Olympic snowboarder of the week: Deborah Anthonioz

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