Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This year's ultimate snowboard fashion statement - Dressing like a hamburger

Ever had that nagging feeling that something was missing from your snowboarding, and that something was dressing like a hamburger? Good luck buddy, this is about to be your year...

The big news in snowboarding fashion for 2014/15 is that Neff has brought out a hamburger jacket.

And if you want to really go for the look, they'll also sell you a matching hat

The jacket recently got an outing in this Tim Humpreys' selfie video. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but Northstar have a French fries inspired logo.

While we're talking about inspiration, I wonder whether this idea was sparked by Elena Hight's strange naked photo shoot for ESPN last season? 

Or more likely it was inspired by haute couture and Jeremy Scott's Fall/Winter collection for Moschino  

Chip hat = twat

Which was in turn inspired by Ed Leigh's and Tim Warwood's Olympic snowboarding commentary.

So if you want to be the most catwalk fashionable snowboarder on the mountain this year, then along with the jacket and hat, Neff also have a hamburger watch.

And you can complete the look with a t-shirt 

The sweater

The shorts

The sneakers

And the terrifying beanie/mask...

Put it all together and your're going to be one dapper motherfucker. The only downside of this new look that we can think off is that you'll have to keep a constant look out for this fella...

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