Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Introducing WarpWrapz - Goggles for Cyclopses

Ever felt the desire to look like Geordi La Forge when you're snowboarding? You're in luck because someone's just created the goggle for you...

Also allows you to look like Robocop, that X Man with the sparkly lazer eyes, someone who's strapped an elongated smartphone to their face, or just any generic dickhead. 

Shaun White's let himself go

As sported One Direction, while one of them wears a plastic poncho indoors

Some chicks on a bike on the beach.

Someone's embarrassing mum. 

These things appeared on Kickstarter last year and amazingly they managed to get the funding they were looking for. Here's the vid...

And now they've been released to the market and even though this has just happened they've managed to produce a classic 90s website completed with Flash intro video. You can pick up your own set for $100.

Or you could just pick up a set of the old Carrera goggles they ripped the idea off.