Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Mike Basich Heli Drop Gig Poster

Every so often I forget I don't have the patience to design posters, then a I start on a new one...

While I've been running this blog I've also occasionally produced the odd bit of snowboard art, that tries not to look like snowboard art, so it can sneak in to places it would not usually be seen. This time I thought I'd start what could potentially be a series of gig posters for significant events in snowboard history. This is the first and only one of that series until I forget what a massive ball-ache designing them is and start the next one.

It's Mike Basich's awesome heli drop, and if for some reason you're not familiar with it skip to 22:30 in the video below and let him tell you all about it. 

It's the bit just after he jibs this enormous stubby metal penis. 

Anyway it's 22.30 for the heli drop, or just watch the whole thing for lots more good stuff...

I've now put the poster up on Zazzle if you want to buy a copy. Here it is

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