Thursday, July 25, 2013

Willie The Kool Smoking and Skiing Penguin

Back in the day when smoking was good for you, but did strangely seem to coincide with chesty coughs, the makers of Kool decided the best solution was not quitting, but adding menthol cigarettes into the mix. They introduced the brand in the 30s complete with dubious medical advice and a jaunty penguin mascot, who was given the name Willie after WWII. Kool were all over sports marketing like the Red Bull of it's day...

More skiing, smoking a Kool

Surfing, smoking a Kool.

Ice fishing, smoking a Kool with a scarf to help alleviate the hacking cough

Ice skating, smoking a Kool

Hitting on the naked chicks, smoking a Kool.

Telling horrific lies, smoking a Kool.

If you want to be as much of a lad as Willie the penguin, get smoking suckers.

Source: Stanford School of Medicine

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