Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No pressure kid

I was traversing the interweb the other day when I ran into the personal promotional website for a 6-year-old snowboarder called Bailey Duran. Bearing in mind that most professional snowboarders (and we're talking the level of the of Travis Rice and Terje Haakonsen here) don't have their own websites, what's a 6-year-old kid doing with one?...

It's not an amateur site either and that comes at a price. It was produced by two marketing creatives and their coding friend who were commissioned by Bailey's dad. You're looking at a fair amount of money (probably about as much money as I went through in my first full season) to churn it out. That's a lot of money to throw at a little girl's hobby.

So you have a costly website. You have someone managing your website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel (I'm assuming someone else is doing this and she's not some sort of social media prodigy too). Then you have the standard costs of getting involved in this not-at-all-cheap sport. In addition Bailey has been to pretty much every competition open to whippersnappers, so you can add in some impressive travel costs. And finally you can include the costs of commissioning a video production company to put together your promotional videos and that won't be cheap (although I think they keep the costs down a little in the music licencing department).

For all of that investment you get a gamble on whether your child could become the next Shaun White.
via: BuzzFeed

Incidentally, while I'm simultaneously writing something about the recently released SIA participation trends, you should know that the chance of any snowboarder becoming the next Shaun White is 0.000014%.

Good luck Bailey.

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