Monday, January 27, 2014

Top TENuous 9: Pat Moore's Missing Penis

Did you know that Pat Moore has no penis? Read all about it here, along with nine other things you need to know...

10. Interesting facts about Pat Moore according to Google
He's a stout Republican, and a woman.

9. Extreme sport of the week: Rooftopping

And like any good ways to die, it's been embraced fully in the Ukraine

8. Rejected Sochi posters that were better than what they ultimately ended up using

7. Shit Snowboard Hat of The Week: The Knitted Knight Beanie

The twat in the hat 

The Knitted Knight Hat comes complete with a maker's guarantee, that you'll never get laid ever again

6. Look where you leap

5. Classy artwork for The Circle snowboard shop

4. The Curse of The Seven-Week Long Erection

After hitting his handlebars in a mountain bike crash a 22 year-old Irish man suffered from a seven-week long boner.

3. While we're on the topic of helmets...

The Canadian Olympic skeleton team are sporting some really impressive ones.


Herb Piper's very NSFW photographs, and these are just the ones you can see without having to login to the site.

This is how I like to take my cocaine.

1. All the best bits of this season's snowboard videos in just 11 minutes.

& if you've already seen that one, the same guy has also produced handy summaries of the previous two seasons.

That is all.

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