Monday, January 20, 2014

Reasons we aren't skiers No. 21,678: Sweaty Beer Boot Binging

The hiatus is over. Here's something about skiers...

The questionable drinking antics of skiers featured on the front page of the constantly morally outraged Daily Mail last week. It was part of a story about the Neknominate drinking game, which like any good drinking game was invented in the UK, but only truly mastered by the Australians.

"The video is part of the disturbing new trend for neknominating, a drinking game where participants film themselves 'necking’ liquor, then nominate a friend to do the same. They then try to outdo each other creating more extreme, disgusting and outlandish videos. Those who refuse to participate risk losing face among their peers."

Here's how it works:

To Englishify the story the Daily Mail managed to find some pictures of some lads playing the game on a ski holiday:

 "The trend has reached the apres-ski scene in St Anton, where legendary bar the Krazy Kanguruh sees partygoers like 'Charlo', pictured, remove a ski boot and use it to down pints of beer - before urging friends to do the same"

Extra points for the really apt photo credit.

"The boot - or 'Das Boot' as it is fondly called - is passed around the group who then have to down the increasingly foul liquid"

I hope they're not rental boots.

No actually, I hope they are.

Turns out that this is something skiers enjoy doing quite a lot, and they've been doing way before that latest fad drinking game.

Here's a two lads at Edinburgh University swapping fluids...

& some US based freeskiers sucking on a boot phallus...

It's such a common thing for skiers to get involved in that Captain Morgan Rum produce a range of promotional mugs to support their weird fetish

There's a glass version which comes complete with it's own music video. Apparently calling it Das Boot wasn't as uniquely witty at the guys in the Daily Mail story thought it was

There's an Alpine-style bar in the fancy bit of London flogging a cocktail called the Ski Boot for an incredible £150 ($246) a pop, so that posh skiers can get their fix any time of the year.

If you want to live the life of a rich ski boot fetishist in the comfort of you own home you can acquire one of those ceramic ski boot drinking vats for £70 here. In the interests of consumer advice though, and I have just looked this up, you could alternatively just hire a pair of traditional drinking ski boots in St Anton for £28 a day, they'll even throw in a pair of skis for free.

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