Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jim Warren's Avalanches of Horses

If you ever find yourself searching for a picture of an avalanche, one of the strange things you'll find is a proliferation of avalanches formed by ethereal snow horses. We decided to find out who the culprit was...

Jim Warren is a 64 year-old artist who specialises in painting whimsey


And a large proportion of the things he dreams of are abominable snow horses:

"After the storm"

"Horses in the snow"

"Mystic mountain"

"Northern dreams"

"Alaskan illusion"


And when he's done painting avalanche horses, he gets busy painting wave horses, and al kinds of other weird shit...

Like cloud-faces, surfers made from sand and cowboy peas.
"Commotion in the ocean"

Or The Beach Boys

And if your zoom out, a sexy lady/wave.

Or some guys surfing on the tits of a lady wave.
"Ride the wild surf"

Or a parrot surfing on a burger
"Cheeseburger in paradise"

Or pretty much all of those things all at once.
"On a clear day"

Or the transparent crotch of a sexy lady
"Surfer girl with see-through bikini"

Or a sexy lady eruption
"Goddess of fire and ice"

Or a pride of grumpy angel cats.
"All cats go to heaven" the first in a range of cat and dogs in heaven paintings he's churned out.

I did find one ski specific one...

Which is pretty much your bog-standard Italian ski resort advert.
"A day on the slopes"

Basically Jim Warren just paints anything that happens in his dreams and those dreams mostly involve mountains, waves, horses and sexy ladies, but mostly sexy ladies. If you want to see a little bit more of his art, then he has a rather swanky website, which oddly refers to him (and this is their use of ironic speech marks) as a “Living Legend of the Art World”, and I couldn't agree more.

Jim Warren's art in reality

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