Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Anthem's powder diapers - Could this be the new worst snowboarding fashion accessory ever?

Ever wanted the main feature of your snowboarding to be your brightly coloured arse? If you have, a company in Japan has come up with just the answer: introducing the Anthem Powgard...

Sexy like a heavily-branded snowboarding baboon.

Translation: 1. Remove belt, 2. Fiddle around, 3. Add giant snow nappy, 4. Look like dickhead

Fig 1.0 - A full-dickhead

If those instructions didn't make sense here's a review video, filmed very aptly in ultra vertical vision...

As well as turd brown check, it's available in a whole range of 90's boxer shorts patterns:

As if there's any choice but to go for the leopard print.

A set of these will set you back $57 or £34...

I think this store could have over-stocked

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