Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Art Inspiration: Banked slaloms have all the best posters

In our ongoing quest to categorise the internet of snowboarding, this week we've pulled together 18 of the best snowboard event posters we can find. It turns out that half of them are for banked slaloms, a huge over-representation of a type of event that makes up just a dinky proportion of all snowboarding events....

by Corey Warren, who's done a fair amount of work for Mount Baker over the years. 

Not a fan of the text, the signs and the bodged-on snowboards, but behind all that there's beautifully simple graphic.

Got to love a good old bit of POV

and a good old snowboarding pun

Minimalist poster by Mystery Made, who've also done some work for Ride and K2

The incredibly talented Adam Haynes artist/snowboarder has produced an array of posters for the Dirksen Derby over the years, along with swathes of work for the likes of Nike, ESPN and Mervin.
Greta integration of photo, illustration and graphics

He kinda phoned in the 2009 poster by reusing an existing painting. Still great though.

Then he went all out on the 2012 one.

Adam Haynes also produced this awesome poster for the Red Bull Ultra Natural...

He's put together an interesting blog post on the process behind that one.

These next two UK posters look like they're from the same artist who has a fondness for bears, I just don't know who they are.

Another British poster, this time it's some great typography by Owen Toser, who's also done some work for Endeavour and Looking Sideways.

Here are a few other good examples from around the world...

A class Finnish poster by Lauri Vassinen

This one is by Primoz Zorko a Slovenian who has an incredibly varied and creative portfolio which is well worth a browse.

On the other end of the scale is this super simple layout.

From Japan here's a tidy poster by another unknown artist.

Some nice paper cut work from France by Zim & Zou 

Finally, this is a serious bit of work from New Zealand by Whitefox

Things have really come a long way from this 1979 poster...

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