Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snowmobile Calendars - Chilly Ladies With Bra Problems

The world's of snowboarding and snowmobiling have a lot in common, beyond the common wish that we'd both thought of more succinct names for our activities when they were invented. However both things come from very different backgrounds which keeps the cultures distinct in a few very specific ways. Because snowmobiling harks from the world of motoring it does have the unfortunate propensity to embrace a few things snowboarding wouldn't touch, like the use of shitty graphics, the addiction to three letter acronyms and what we're looking at today, the objectification of women. To demonstrate that difference let's take a look at the output of Snowmobile Calenders. Maybe this is the real reason why Jeremy Jones chooses to walk everywhere...

The negative-gilet wrist-bra fail

'Only in America', except when it's in...

Canada's finest glove-bra failure

Sore-neck elbow-bra fail

AXS? An Xerotic Sufferer? Itchy

Gloves and bra fail. 

Belt-bra and wig fail

Single-handed-bra fail

Double X-treme bra fail

Tiny-headed melted-snow hand-bra fail

"Save a horse and ride a sled" WTF? finger-bra fail

Can't spell 'action' pantie-bra fail

That's-not-a-microphone soapy-bra fail

No-idea-how-to-use-a-snowmobile hand-bra fail

Can't-ride-a-snowmobile, chequered-toga-bra fail

And finally... 

Lost-her-contact-lens snowmobile-seat-bra fail

Although historically they've always enjoyed a more than their fair share of female objectification, at least back in the day the ladies were more sensibly attired, even when they were representing jazz mags...

The sense of freedom that only appropriate clothing and fully functional bras provide

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