Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Did you love 12 Years a Slave? Now's your chance to get involved with Rider's Lounge and Capita

Another sign of the approaching snowboard season is the first call-out for someone to work for free and Rider's Lounge the UK distributors of Capita are the first to get involved this year...

If your career ambition is to be a modern-day slave, then good news, these guys have got just the job (non-job) for you. It's a great opportunity to put in lots of work for literally no money, food or life-sustaining drink. What's not to love?

Please Note: This is a job for professional slaves only, no 'hobby' slaves, this shit is serious

Stick around, because later in the season Rider's Lounge will be offering more great prizes such as:

If you're under 16 you could be the lucky winner of an opportunity to makes shoes for one of their brands in the Philippines.

And there'll be thousands of chances to win big when the Rider's Lounge will need your help to build their new square-trangular-pointy-shaped headquarters.

Alternatively, just read this post on David Thorne's site.

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