Friday, August 2, 2013

Crap PR - Dead snowboard site celebrates 10th anniversary, 13 years after it started.


This press release was spunked all over the internet in June. Here are my highlights...

Snowboard Shopping Guide is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of its online website -- The website offers details about snowboards, snowboarding products and accessories, snow sports clubs and organizations.

( -- June 14, 2013) Mount Baker, WA -- The website is attracting attention for having reached its 10th anniversary of online operation, which it is celebrating today. 

1. They don't know when they started their own website

This is at the bottom of the site, you do the math.

And if that's not proof enough, the Internet Archive has been making copies of the site since August 5th 2001

2. Sam Hanson is the world's laziest web editor

The web editor Sam Hanson acknowledges the landmark. "Obviously, we are very happy to have hit our 10-year anniversary. Happy and maybe a little bit surprised. Ten years ago we didn't anticipate we would still be doing this a decade later." 

Still doing what Sam? Here's a 2001 Morrow Truth and a step-in binding from the home page.

It's not like you've spent the time redesigning the site.

I envy Sam Hanson's job.

3. My favourite bit from the press release

4. It is the most useful site ever

The site is part of a sales channel for such specialty shops that consumer spent $810 million online for during the past winter season. Hanson views the development as confirmation of the vision that went into creating an Internet portal for buying snowboard gear 10 years ago. "We get all different types of visitors. We get a lot of visitors who are just getting into the sport. They are looking for a lot of basic information about products and where to get them [products like step-ins FFS]. But we also get more advanced boarders who are more interested in our lists of links of manufacturers and accessory retailers."

Happy Birthday useless dead snowboard website

Given the Internet Archive first crawled the site on the 5th August 2001, I hope you'll join us celebrating the 12thish anniversary of the legendary Snowboard Shopping on Monday.

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