Monday, December 9, 2013

Top TENuous 8 - This week: Trucks, Belly Dancing & Porn

Tip tip: How do you find Will Smith in the snow?...

Look for the fresh prints.

10. Finally someone's designed a good looking snowboard bench

It's especially apt if you live in San Francisco, but all that metal work comes at a price, it's going for a cool $750

The same crew have also managed to produce one of the ugliest snowboard benches I've seen and probably the world's most expensive snowboard bench for an insane $2,800.

9. Awesome snowboard design of the week

The Lib Tech Holy Bowly - I want one.

 You can get one now for $800 and it would also make a great bench

The snowboard was inspired by their yearly Holy Bowly event which looks mint. Here's the snowboard in action.

8. Vintage porn movie poster of the week

Dries Vermeulen's review on IMDB is also something to behold. He's quite the connoisseur of porn.
"The martial arts mêlée gets off to a rocky start with dusky diva Desiree West unfairly relegated to the sidelines by sputtering single credit stud Jim Brown as Crystal Dawn (an early video vixen) picks up the slack by parting her butt cheeks to husky Michael Morrison's mighty member."

7. The back of Cap'n Crunch's 1998 Christmas Crunch box via Dinosaur Dracula

6. Snowboarding line of the week

5. Game of the week 
How long can you watch NBC's Road to Sochi video for?

I managed just 1.28 before loosing the will to live.

4. Classy Adverts for Cerro Castor resort in Argentina by Hernan Corera

3. LeTourneau Sno-Trains via Unusual Locomotion
Awesome experimental snow vehicles from the 50's


2. All new products should be introduced like this via Tackledbox

1.  Pretty picture of the week by Sergi Brosa

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