Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top TENuous - Top 10 vaguely snowboarding related things you need in your life (28th August)

The top 10 things you should know about this week...

1. Russian Ice Cave via Reddit

2. Truck Crash Gif 

3. Snowboarding Photo Finalists for the Red Bull Illume
Red Bull unveiled the top 250 images in their Illume photo contest, 30 of them are snowboarding photos and the one above is my favourite. It's worth having a browse through the gallery on Transworld Snowboarding. The winners are announced on Thursday.  

4. Snowball Gloves via Poppy Gall

5. Toy Boarders

6. Demolition Man

7. Heather Mills: will skiing bring her Paralympic glory? 
Back in 2011, she crashed on the slopes, injuring her shoulder and partly amputated left leg. Two men came to her rescue – but as Mills reportedly told an Austrian newspaper: "When I took off my artificial leg they screamed in terror, because they thought the leg had come off in the accident."
A quick read from the Guardian

8. Barbie vs Wages
Snowboarders get paid loads kids.
Matthew Notowidigdo, an economist at the University of Chicago, calls it the “Barbie Paradox”.
They conclude that price discrimination is probably at work: sellers exploit parental hopes that a girl playing palaeontologist may grow up to be the real thing, so charge more.
Highbrow journalism from the Economist.

9. Kremlin insiders have claimed the new laws were actually designed to provoke a Winter Olympic boycott because Putin finds the bobsleigh ‘horrifyingly erotic’. 
Highbrow journalism from the Daily Mash

10. Danny Hart Hits Whistler
bobsledding needs jumps

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