Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Friday Game - The Absolute Definition of Rad!

He is clearly Rad in human form, but can you spot the 15 individual reasons why? Answers after the break...

1.     Colour-dipped Sims jacket 
2.     ...with underarm wings
3.     ...unzipped to navel a la Michael Knight
4.     ...huge pimp collar
5.     ...& emergency release nipple pull.
6.     Vision Street Wear over-size t-shirt
7.     Mullet
8.     ...mullet with a side parting
9.    Wrap-around sunglasses
10.  ...with neon frames
11.  ...indoors
12.  Thumb in pocket
13.  Leaning post specifically brought in for photo shoot
14.  The perfect devil may care attitude
15.  Gold frame, it just wouldn't work with anything else

If one of the teams had rocked this ensemble, I might have bothered watching the opening ceremony.

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