Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Best of Imgur Episode 2: Top 15 Ski Posts

A few week's ago we took a look at the best 15 best snowboarding posts on Imgur. This week we take time out of our busy schedule of laughing at ourselves, to laugh at some skiers. Here's the 15 best ski posts...

15. Landing a ski jump like a boss

Interestingly, 'landing a ski jump like a boss' = snowboarding.

That's how you do it. Here's how you don't do it...

14. First attempt at hitting a ski jump

13. World Record ski jump. 246.5 meters, Johan Remen Evensen.

Again. That's how you do it. Here's how you don't do it...

12. Ski Jump Fail 

That happened to Thomas Morgenstern mid January and he still made it to Sochi.  

Here's how you definitely don't do it

11. How Americans Ski Jump According To Japanese Game

Best Imgur comment - "If this isn't right, then I've wrongly killed a few too many small children...."

10. Just my dog with a ski mask

9. The ski has secret agenda!

8. You guys getting all the snow should find one of these to ski with

7. Piggy back Ski jump

6. Prince Charles's ski outfits over the years

5. Eternal chain of ski backflips

Here's an interesting way to show the same thing

4. Ski Jump Stabilized 

the original...

3. So this is how snow is made at ski resorts...

2. Wile Ski Coyote

1. Dog majestically follows his owner down the ski slope

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