Friday, February 14, 2014

Top TENuous 10 - Best of the Olympics

I wrote a long article yesterday about the art of pissing people off. Someone said it was a little bit wandering. Here's a top 10 list...

10. The Opening Ceremony

The US team fancy dress parade turned out to be as spectacularly awful as we had hoped. They set it up...

...and the Austrians knocked it down

But the star of the show was the missing ring and within seconds someone had this for sale...

And that was followed by a cunning bit of advertising...

9. This Guy

8. Classy Event Descriptions

"Cross Country Skiing - Skiing for people that don't like fun"

On a related note, they really need to up the ante in the Nordic Combined to give that sport a stronger position. They should throw in some extra events like slalom, moguls and downhill skiing to find the best all-round winter sportsmen. Someone get on that.

7. Save of the Games

Sorry disgruntled athlete, but today is not the day you die

6. Every Olympics should have one - Introducing the official monster truck of Sochi 2014

5. The Slopestyle

The Russians consider Jenny Jones to be a god, which explains why there was a huge effigy of her in the middle of the course.

4. The Halfpipe

The British team didn't win a medal, despite them being supported by Death himself.

3. Just add two dots and the Team Russia bear becomes a cute dog with a luxurious hairdo

2. Mini Trend of the Olympics: Reworked Mogul Skiing Videos

And if you liked that, this lad is busy producing a whole bunch of other ones here

1. Awesome Olympian Names   from

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