Thursday, October 24, 2013

These £400 Pullman Editions posters are NOT reproductions

As I was cruising through Chelsea the other day the Pullman Editions store caught my attention. I immediately ordered my driver to pull over the Rolls so I could take a closer look, because I was a little surprised at how familiar they looked...

Pullman Editions is a spin off of the Pullman Gallary, a gallery that specialises in selling old stuff to people with too much money. They noticed that these wealthy types liked purchasing vintage ski posters, but they were finding it difficult to source enough old posters to flog them, so they decided to make some of their own. Now they have four in-house artists churning out vintage-style posters and they're charging £400 ($646) a pop for them.

This is how they explain it: "It is to meet demand from both enthusiastic collectors and admirers of Art Deco, for stylish, decorative yet affordable posters – original works, NOT reproductions – that Pullman Gallery’s founder, Simon Khachadourian, in partnership with his wife Georgina, launched Pullman Editions."

They're very keen to stress that they are "NOT reproductions", but they reminded me of something I'd seen before. A bit of digging and I found some of the original posters that they've based their posters on and there's a striking similarity.  I'll let you be the judge of whether they are reproductions or not.

‘Steiermark’ by E. Reidel & O. Zaremba, 1930

‘Skier in Flight’ by Pullman Editions
Interesting that they have a watermark over their pictures to prevent people from reproducing them.

‘Alpes & Jura' by Eric de Coulon, 1933

'Fast Formation' by Pullman Editions

‘St Moritz' by Alois Carigiet, 1934

‘Snowballing Girl’ by Pullman Editions

'Flexible Flyer' by S. L. Allen,1954

'Skiing Couple' by Pullman Editions

'Flims' by Jules Geiger, 1933

'Letters' by Pullman Editions


‘High Altitude’ by Pullman Editions

A while back I produced some similar posters based on classic ski posters and they've been selling for £20 a piece on Zazzle.  Things are about to get very quiet on this blog over the next few weeks. I'm going to be busy removing the references to the original artwork, setting up a shop in Chelsea and charging twenty times as much money for them. So long suckers.

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