Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Top TENuous 6 - RuRoc are Big Fat Liars?

Also in this episode, some tat from ebay, we find the perfect jacket for winter & Travis Rice's huge woody...

10. RuRoc are "Big Fat Liars"

Unwelcome adverts for RuRoc's ridiculous head ornamentation have started popping up on my Facebook account. They've apparently decided to utilise the good old fashioned advertising technique of bullshitting.

"The fastest selling snowboarders helmets in Europe"

They furnish no stats to back up that rather ambitious claim in the ad, or their Facebook page, or on their site. I think they just figured they could make whatever claim they wanted as long as they put it in speech marks. 

I haven't had a response to my question yet, but feel free to join the one-sided discussion though. 

Interesting to note that RoRoc current have 264,819 Likes on Facebook. That would make them one of the most followed companies in snowboarding. They're twice as popular as Transworld Snowboarding, Travis Rice and the 2014 Winter Olympics. Funny that you don't see them round the place really.

9. Ski Fun Ken

Found this on the ebay.

Step in bindings

That's an epic onesie. It would go great with my RuRoc

8. Remote Control Snowboarder

Also on the ebay.


The guy who's selling this has the tiniest feet I've ever seen.

7. Snurfer Bobble Hat

Final ebay spot of the week is this beauty.

I'd buy it myself, but I just don't think it would go with my eyes.

6. The Origins of Snowboarding: 1988 Escape to Ski

Classic snowboarding accompanied by Warren Miller's dulcet tones

Those quarter of a million snowboarders are all now fans of RuRoc

5. These Photos From the Art of Shite

This one is incredibly topical

Ravish Vice and his massive tool. 

4. Stupid Snowboarding Invention of The Week: ABBS Bindings via Tackledbox

3. Volvo Extreme Gravity Car via Serious Wheels

And the least Volvo photoshoot ever made

2. This season I'm all over Moncler outerwear. Thanks to Alpine Style 56

A raft of animals were harmed during the filming of these adverts

1. Shaun White Photo of The Week: Great White Shark

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