Friday, October 18, 2013

Dead Snowboarding Sites Watch: The most dramatic end to a snowboarding blog ever

For 9 years Eden Seriña strived to become the first female athlete to represent the Philippines at the Winter Olympics. As part of her quest and to drum up the sponsorship she needed, she ran a website, a Facebook page and blog. Unfortunately she didn't make the cut...

I've seen a lot of websites/blogs come and most of them go over the years. Usually they just stop posting leaving a dead site with no apparent reason for the change of heart and sometimes the blog just disappears, occasionally being replaced by a muggy porn site or in the case of Burritos and Snow a Japanese translation service. Eden Serina's site is one of the rare examples where the final blog post was a definitive ending.

A lot of people put everything into appearing in the Olympics or winning gold, most fail. You generally only ever hear about the experience of the successes, so it's interesting to see what happens on the other side.
Eden Serine is an eloquent version of that group and after numerous blog posts this was the last the snowboarding world ever heard from her. It's one of the most emotional things you'll ever read on a snowboarding blog, you'll certainly get none of that emotion shit here.

Here are a couple of snippets from her last post...

"While I am grateful for the opportunity and the wonderful and continual support from everyone, it’s hard to describe the loss and pain. People say to me, ‘at least you tried for your dream,’ but I think your dream stops being a dream when you really work at it and devote your life to it. For me my dream became my existence, my purpose, and now where does that leave me. Very empty, and definitely unfulfilled."

"My friend who also did not make the Games likened the loss to the death of your spouse. But I look at it as my spouse that not only cheated on me, but also drained our bank accounts, maxed out the credit cards and took off leaving me to pay the bills with a mountain of humiliation. I feel completely betrayed by snowboarding after everything I've put into it. Before I said it was the one thing that made me feel good, even after a day that it made me feel bad. But as of right now, I don’t ever want to snowboard again."

P.S. Please note the name of the photographer

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