Monday, September 30, 2013

Top TENuous 5 - Shark surfing, monster cocks and good news... the ginger apocalypse was narrowly averted

Also this week: How to pronounce Obergurgl...

10. Classic Ollie Fail via Snowboarder Mag

9. It's off the hook in Obergurgl

Obergurgl is a tricky word to pronounce, but it's essentially the sound that someone makes in the short gap between vomits. 

8. Alternative Extreme Sport of The Week:

If I ever set-up a kabab shop it's going to be called Kebabylon

7. Photo of the week

6. This is how you do a course preview via Pink Bike

That's how you do it, and here are the dangers of just following the guy in front:

5. New Snowboardable Architecture via Europaconcorsi

 The idea here is that the pad in the landing uses the kinetic energy to power the building. 

The only drawback I can see is that with a flat landing like that, they'll be entirely reliant on Mikey LeBlanc producing all the energy.

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4. The 80s summed up in a single poster

The word "epic" has never been more epitomized in Core77's reissue of this 80s poster for Dutch poster company Verkerke by Fernando Agudelo. Airbrush illustration suitable for the side of a teardrop window custom van? Check. Cosmic rings? Check! Ferocious great white, teeth and gums awash in the blood of a fresh kill? Check! Fiery haired muscle bound surfer dude riding said shark with bolts of gleaming lightning crackling at his fingertips? CHECK! This illustration has it all! The only question that remains is if you're epic enough to hang it on your wall. Also epically cheap!

Available here

3. September's Slams

2. Warning: Whoppercock

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1. Against all the odds, this happened and the world didn't end 

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