Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Snowboardery Artist of the Week: Jeff Proctor

Jeff Proctor Lives in Portland Oregon. Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Artist, Jeff wants to help you concept ideas and turn them into visual solutions, in exchange for US dollars. Jeff enjoys petting cats and eating donuts...

That's how he describes himself on his website. He's got some skills, particularly when it comes to type and zombies. Here are a few choice examples from his portfolio.

This one was suspiciously self-titled so I checked it out. It turns out that the place does exist and it's a little store in Nashua, New Hampshire. The guy that owns the store is also called Jeff Proctor which means one of three things: 

1. It's his dad's place and his dad is an incredibly unimaginative namer of his spawn. 
2. The Jeff Proctor who owns the store figured the only type of people he'd hire are people with the same name as him so all the people who work in the store and all his suppliers are called Jeff Proctor. 
3. Jeff Proctor the illustrator is vampire who doesn't age, but switches identities and careers every generation to hide the fact.

Whatever the reason, they've ended up with a disproportionally tidy logo and some nice t-shirts. 

But because it's a small store you can't click on that section of the site or buy them.

Sadly he missed snowboarding's great contribution to the genre; The Fart of Flight

If you want to see more of this sort of thing (there's less fart, but more zombies) take a look at his website MAKENONSENSE

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