Monday, September 2, 2013

10 Compelling Reasons to Dislike The Horribly Talented Snowboarding Renaissance Man Mike Knobel

One of the problems with Facebook is that it makes you feel like everyone else is incredibly talented and their having loads more fun than you. In reality only a small number of people are doing anything remotely interesting at any point, but with a couple of hundred friends your going to constantly see someone having a great day, and the rest of the effect is just your mind playing tricks (this effect is only slightly counterbalanced by another small group of people who spend their time posting incredibly dull updates on their pets). The only known exception to this rule are the poor bastards who happen to be friends with Mike 'Aemka' Knobel, because he really is more talented and having more fun than everyone else, every single minute of every damn day...

10 Things that the one-man-army, Mike Knobel, can do better than you:

1. Doodling
Knobel took doodling and dialled it up to eleven to create his unique and impressive style.

Here's a bit more of his work...

2 Graphic Design
OK, it's another type of art and maybe a little bit of a stretch to have this as a separate category, but we've got to hit 10 somehow so suck it up. Anyway, he's got a whole portfolio of stuff like this too...

3. Using a pen
Yes, he can use a pen better than you, something you hadn't ever thought you weren't good at, how humbling is that? Check this guy's pen control.

4. Fashion Design
This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but in mainland Europe this is quite the thing I've heard.

This sort of posing probably looks absolutely bonkers to you, but it's also quite the thing in Europe, as anyone who's every browsed through the Blue Tomato catalogue will know. Europeans are second only to South Koreans when it comes to awkward snowboard catalogue posing.

5. Branding and Website Design
He's got that covered

6. Music Production

 There's a lot more of this on his SoundCloud profile  

7. Being a magazine centrefold

Yeah, he's better at snowboarding than you too. Here's a picture that was in the running for the amazing RedBull Illume contest that finished last week.

8. Getting front page coverage


9. Playing every part in a snowboarding movie
I've no idea how he found the time for it, but here's the trailer for his upcoming one-man movie Swiss Artsy Knife. I have a suspicion that it might be the first one-man snowboard movie, but if not it's definitely the most apt snowboard movie title ever.

There's no tenth, we were lying about that, but we're sure, like us, you're actually quite happy this list stopped at 9. Mike Knobel and his 'talent' was beginning to get on our tits too.

Here's his site if you want to be constantly reminded about how much more you could achieve if you didn't spend so much time dicking about on Facebook.

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