Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Design Inspiration from I Love Dust & Matt Taylor

Here's some really nice work coming out of the unlikely source of the south coast of England...

The very talented Matt Taylor designed a couple of snowboards for Sims this year. The other day he posted some of his work ups:


"This was part of a pair of snowboards for Sims - the other is out there too if you want to track it down, but this one was my favorite. That was mainly because the brief was pretty much free reign to draw what I wanted and it turned out quite nicely."

If you don't want to go to the trouble of tracking the other one down, here it is:

He also designed these gloves for Burton that came out last year:
"Way way back in the autumn of 2010 I was contacted by the folks at Burton Snowboards and asked if I would like to design a pair of gloves for their winter 2012/13. Obviously I said yes (because, come on, it’s Burton), and worked on a calavera/day of the dead themed design.

Artwork was signed off and sent off, and then began a very very long waiting game, thanks to the substantial lead times needed in the production of snowboarding gear. Now, almost two years on from doing them, they are in the new season catalogue and online. Honestly i was slightly worried that seeing them now, so long after doing them, they wouldn’t stand up against my current work. But you know what? They totally do. I’ll try not to think about what that means with regards to two years of improvement in my current work."

That was the men's glove and here is the women's:

He's done a couple of other snowy-themed pieces in the past: 

If you'd like to see more of his work, here's his website and blog.

Matt Taylor is working freelance these days, but when he produced the Sims boards he was working at the I Love Dust design studio, who with their sister video production company Golden Wolf produced a great video for the 2012 Winter X Games. Again it's really interesting to see some of the work-ups for that project. 

A pre-shorn Shaun

Some nice product placement for Burton 

Some of those perspective shots are really reminiscent of the Adam Haynes ads for Nike 6.0, but the resulting video is quite different and they've produced a really quality effect. You could see something like this working well in a full-length snowboard movie.

That is all.

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