Monday, November 11, 2013

Ruroc decided to respond to my deleting it

Two weeks ago I asked Ruroc to share the evidence behind the claim in their Facebook Ad to be "The fastest selling snowboarders helmet in Europe". It's a basic advertising standard that if you make a claim like this you have to have some evidence to back it up. The question sat there for a while gaining quite a few likes, but there was a lack of any response from Ruroc. Today I noticed that they have finally responded - they deleted the question...

Here was the question I asked on the 28th October:

Ruroc had two options; they could either provide back-up to the question or delete the claim. Instead they chose a third way and just purged the question. I guess they've got nothing to prove that they're the fastest selling snowboarders helmet in Europe? It is a very strange way to deal with what was is sill a completely valid question. It's not a good sign, beyond what we might think about their product, it's bad way for any company to behave. If they are acting like this to a valid question about a misleading advert, what's the rest of their service like?

The latest comment is from someone asking another awkward question. It will be interesting to see how long that one lasts.
Oh, and apparently they've also blocked me from being able to comment again.

Here's a link to that ad

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