Monday, November 18, 2013

Is this the bleakest ski resort swimsuit competition ever?

Due to the prevailing weather conditions, ski resorts might seem to be unlikely places to find swimsuit competitions, but they do have one major thing going for them: they're total sausagefests, so there's an almost endless supply of horny blokes desperate to leer at scantily clad ladies. Unfortunately they also have one major drawback too: they're total sausagefests, so the supply of willing exhibitionists is limited. And there's no place more limited than wherever the hell this place is...

   Who would you vote for? I'd vote for gouging my eyes out.

Chick with a dick

It's an equal opportunities swimsuit comp. Equally lacking in dance talent.

Chubby guy goes wild while the tiny girl does her best storm trooper impression.

Yup, he's just cum

Nothing sets off a pair of budgie smugglers quite like a skinny man, a set of sticky-out ears and a mysterious chest rash.

That's twerking ruined then

Event the audience is disappointing. There's a lad on right praying for it the world to end.

Every swimsuit competition attracts dirty old man, even this one, but I've never seen a more despondent bunch before and this is the highlight of their year.

At the end of the competition they went out onto what is also a hugely disappointing ski hill. Even the snow looks depressed.

Enough of this. We found this horrifying photoset on Flickr, where for some reason there were over a hundred photos of this event. Does anyone recognise the ski area this was held in? We couldn't figure it out, but we really need to know, so we can make sure we never end up there. 

Before we go, and while we're skirting around the topic of misogynistic women scoring competitions, did anyone see the National Costumes round of the Miss Universe 2013 competition?

Miss USA went as Optimus Prime

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