Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A few pitfalls the Russian Winter Olympics organisers will have to avoid...

One huge problem with Russia's new proudly anti-gay stance that seems to have passed people by is, how the hell are they going to manage the opening and closing ceremonies? The organising committee must be shitting bricks as they furiously try to rework all their plans to keep in line with the new rules, with just a few months left to go. After all the Olympic ceremonies are nothing if not huge doses of camp pageantry. To illustrate my point....




Spandex and shiny helmets

 Huge beavers

 Giant sparkly bears

 The Village People

 Being absolutely fabulous

Everyone wearing natty matching costumes

...particularly the Canadians

Everyone wearing natty matching outfits and line dancing

...particularly the Canadians

Huge erecting phalluses

& a snowboarder shooting through a gassy ring

Good luck ceremony organisers.
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