Thursday, August 22, 2013

Awful Kickstarter product of the week: FATblades

Tired of your old snowblades or Duel snowboards? Looking for a new mediocre mountain riding experience? Why not try all new FATblades!...

In an interview with his local paper, Matt Harper-Ward said that, "he saw the blades as the compromise between skiing and snowboarding". And we all know that great invention comes primarily from compromise.

He said: "The idea came about because I wanted to snowboard and wear the boots, but I fall more on a board."

He'd found the time to reinvent snowblades after a "fall happened when he was using the 80cm long blades at Claviere, on the Italian border". Mr Harper-Ward said: "I was travelling at about 40 to 50 kilometres per hour, when I hit a bad edge and plunged off piste falling about 30ft". He decided the best way to increase his edge control wasn't to spend more time improving his technique, that's for mugs, instead he took the logical step of reducing the edge contact by two thirds and wear softer boots.

One of the side benefits of FATblades is that, "you can also wear snowboarding gear like the baggier trousers with them", said Harper-Ward, apparently entirely unaware of the last twenty years of ski clothing development.

Looking on the FATblades website for more information we found this:

Are FATblades good in icy conditions?

Because of the wide format of Fatblades they tend to be very stable in icy conditions. Also the transition from edge to edge is quicker, so it is never long before you re-establish grip. Except it would take longer than normal skis or even normal snowblades, so technically it would be worse right?

Are FATblades good in powder?

FATblades are about 40% wider than an average ski, this increase surface area and elevates the rider to the level of the snowline which means the rider surfs cross the top of soft snow. This significantly decreases the effort involved in off piste and powder descents which means all levels of skier benefit. So that's a no then.

Then there was this:



Dare to be different! Fatblades give the rider a new and exciting way to descend all types of mountain terrain. The short but wide blades are fitted with snowboard bindings meaning you can wear comfortable snowboard boots and clothing. While getting to the slopes, they are easy to carry, short and light, no struggling with a heavy 5ft board or awkward, cumbersome and heavy 5ft Skis. To cut a very long story straight, pretty much every major selling point apart form the fact that they are "cool" is that they are easy to transport, a key factor in choosing any potentially life saving sports equipment.

So if you're keen to get in early on this soon-to-be mega sport then good news, they've got a Kickstaer page, they're looking to raise £30,000, they've already raised £7,835 from other nutters like you and if you donate anything over £1 you will get a mention on the legendary FATblades "Cool Wall of Fame".

Get donating

Also you might chose to join their Facebook page where you can provide useful advice like this...

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