Friday, August 16, 2013

I wish I'd though of this + Quick Friday Game

Someone going under the pseudonym CircleSquareDiamond has been beavering away producing a set of minimalist ski resort maps and selling them through Society6. It's a simple idea (a bit of tracing), but it's done well and the end results are classy. So far they've produced 137 of the buggers. Here's a few examples and we've made a Friday game out of it too...

Some of the smaller resorts work particularly well. You can find the CircleSquareDiamond store here, and the profits are going to a great cause:

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I want a Corgi. All purchases go towards a 'buy me a Corgi' fund.

***Bonus cartoon that very few other people actually find funny.***
The store name and all this minimalism reminds me of this...

Quick Friday Game - Can you name the 5 resorts?
Try not to cheat by looking through the link to the store just yet, post your answers in the comments section, winner gets nothing other than experiencing a comfortable slightly smug feeling.



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