Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crappy snowboard meme of the week: KEEP CALM and CARRY ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!

Here's a trend that needs to roll over and die. Most of these designs spawn from the site called The Keep Calm-o-matic that allows anyone to generate their own version of the Keep Calm meme. The site uses the word 'pithy' on the homepage and they're proudly responsible for creating over 6 million parodies, the shameless bastards. Today we take a look at some of this meme's lowlights...


Extraneous use of weather symbol, crap photo, unnecessary lower case font and useless font colour choice. 4 Black Marks 

One extraneous lower case letter, couldn't keep the words on the page, zombie snowboarder. 4 Black Marks

Couldn't keep the words on the page, crap photo, reindeer. 3 Black Marks

Wrong font, shitty picture. 2 Black Marks

Crown on your bum. 1 Brown Mark


Screw the rules, especially grammatical ones. 1 Black Mark 

Extraneous use of weather symbol, duck shit green background and what the hell is "Flip Around" supposed to mean (double points). 4 Black Marks 

"Play Snowboard" and fuck your copyright. 2 Black Marks

No crown, lowercase and "Go Snowboard"..are you talking to your snowboard? 3 Black Marks

Text doesn't fit, colour is burning my eyes and what the hell are you doing to your snowboard now? 5 Black Marks

OK, this is just filth now. 14 Black Marks

Heinous use of trend for PR purposes

Fuck you Sunshine. 173 Black Marks 

Entire Outfit for anyone who wants to dress like a dick

Squeezed font and incredibly short hoody, available on Amazon.  

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The Pink Underpanther, available at Cafepress

KEEP CALM and SNOWBOARD THONG. This proud product of the USA is available on Cafepress

I Made One

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