Friday, September 13, 2013

Top TENuous Sept 13th - The Wu-Tang Christmas Sweater, Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing & Dogging

Just 102 days left until Christmas. We've got it covered...

10. The Wu-Tang Christmas Jumper - $79.99 Pre-order
That's Christmas done, here's some other things to fill up all that spare time we've just created...

9. Dogging

8. Two Places To Live This Winter
via Poppy Gall

7. Shaun Palmer "The Miserable Champion", Available on Vimeo On Demand

6. How Goggles Are Made

5. New Extreme Sport of the Week: Barbie Jeep Racing

This is a good article that's worth a read on Whitelines, but it's a slightly misleading title and perhaps a more apt one would have been:

Why do snowboard movie directors feel the need to have pro snowboarders constantly remind an audience of snowboarders, who are presumably snowboarders because they find it fun, that snowboarding is fun? And why do they also think they need to point out the blindingly obvious that it's even more fun when we do it with friends? The list of things that are less fun to do with friends is pretty short: 1. Playing Solitaire, 2. Taking a shit. 

Here's the article

3. Drag lifts were a shit load more complicated in the 30s

2. No Really...Fuck Skiing

1. The people living in this town are a bunch of absolute...

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