Monday, September 16, 2013

Strange marketing campaign of the week: Tignesie Weenie Bikinis

I've been to Tignes quite a few times. It's a good resort, reasonably priced, good snow, decent nightlife, big terrain and no nonsense. I'd recommend it. That's not how the Tignes marketing department promote it though, they want to try and make it a little more sexy. They decided they had a target market of "audacious people" and wanted a campaign that would appeal to them, which needed to be "sexy, offbeat, young, dynamic and original". Here's what came out of that brainstorm. Are you Tignes?...

Are you Tignes? - Buxom cowgirl tow-ins. Best idea ever, I'm totally Tignes, here's my credit card details

Are you Tignes? - Some of the girls in Tignes are worryingly hot, but sexy girl and a fry-up, I'm there.

Are you Tignes? - Some of the girls in Tignes are a bit nippy. It's not ideal, I'll need to wear gloves, but I'm not going to turn it down.

Are you Tignes?Some of the girls in Tignes are less airbrushed versions of the same girl in Tignes. She's McGyvered something useful out of a set of skis, what's not to admire. Yes I am.

Are you Tignes? - I usually try to avoid girls who wear apples for hats, but they're well hot, come as a pair and don't appear to be drooling, so I still would, yes.

Are you Tignes? - I could do without the giant hadokening rugby player, but I'm all for hot girls in bikini-hoodies, so count me in.

Are you Tignes? - I'm really not comfortable with the extreme paparazzi, but seeing as the photos will probably only come out in France, just this once. 

Are you Tignes? - Ask me at the last photo and I'd be up for skinny dipping, but what's with the snorkel and goggles mate and where's the chick gone? I'm really not happy with this. Is there a chance we could just swerve this, I'd still be in if we could?

Are you Tignes? - What the hell's going on? Do I have to cart the hot girls around on sledges? Sounds like a lot of work for apple wearing mentals, and there's no way I'm sharing with three other blokes. I'm really having second thoughts here.

Are you Tignes? - I'm out.

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Also, you can keep the promotional underwear

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