Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A plethora of vintage car ski ads & Wednesday's drinking game

A couple of weeks ago we shared some impressive vintage car ads that two guys produced for Pontiac, that featured some awesome cars and lecherous blokes. Since then we found a site called Vintage Ad Browser and another batch of ski-inspired vintage car ads from the 20s onwards (skip to the end if you just want to get drunk). Things start of well with some seriously high-class vehicles, but by the 70s the options had seriously deteriorated...

1925 Mercedes Benz

1927 Dodge Brothers Motor Cars

1927 Chrysler Imperial 80

1927 Cadillac

Remember the 1940's when every single car looked exactly the same? 

1941 De Soto

1941 Lincoln Zephyr V12

1948 Kaiser Frazer

1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

1953 Dodge Coronet

1955 Pontiac

1957 Oldsmobile

1957 Chrysler

1959 Ford Thunderbird

1960 Dodge Dart

1960 Studebaker Lark

1960 MG, Sprite and Austin Healey

1961 Chrysler Newport
Prices slashed due to ugliness

1963 Buick L'Sabre
Also useful for busting ghosts

1963 Dodge 880

1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar 88
Why do skiers stand like that?

1965 Plymouth Barracuda 

1966 MGB
Comes with attractive hood ornament

1972 Cadillac

1972 Honda Coupé
A coupé that goes all the way up to 75 miles an hour! Still at least you can save some money to buy a flock of women.

1975 Saab

1976 Dodge Aspen RT

1977 Subaru

Before we go here's a go, taking inspiration from Wayne Wong's appearance in the 1976 Dodge ad, here's a mid-week drinking game: Drink a shot every time they mention the word 'hotdog' in this interview... 

I was unconscious in just under forty seconds.

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