Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mini Trend - Science Fiction Ski/Snowboard Posters

Here's a little trend in poster design we found with three talented artists getting in on the action...

Talented Artist #1 - Steve Thomas
That Star Wars themed ski poster is by the talented and prolific Steve Thomas, who produces some really nice travel or propaganda posters based on movies and TV shows. Here's a few more of from him:

Check out his site here.

Talented Artist #2 - Matt Wiley
Matt Wiley has recently got in on the trend with this poster of a Klingon prison planet.

One a vaguely related note, some lad has just finished a monstrous project producing a vintage poster for every single episode of the original Star Trek series. Nuts 

Talented Artist #3 - Olly Moss
Olly Moss, another artist who produces film inspired posters, created this poster for an old computer game called Ski Free

Check out his other stuff here.

Two Other Guys
 Ski Enceladus from Zazzle.

Ski Hoth, which does include a snowboarder (get in), but isn't all that good from Graphic Lab

& An Authentic Vintage Ski Poster Featuring an X-Wing Fighter Pilot

That's some serious foresight by Paul Ordner who painted this in the late 1930s.

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